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The Sun Always Rises, Again

She wasn't always heartless
But then
One day; it just, stopped working
It continued to beat, the four chambers
It cracked
The movement staccato


It hurt.

Like hell.

The damage never repaired.


Muscle grew over scar.
Tough but tissue soft
Underneath it all.


The air was caught
Beneath her breast
She breathed

Lungs filled with the strength of a thousand loves

Emotions staggered within tracts
Ever to be found

And so she played her poker face
Long before some chick made it a song.

*tract - a major passage in the body, large bundle of nerve fibers, or other continuous elongated anatomical structure or region.

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Nettie Stevens...Because Science.

Nettie Stevens discovered XY sex chromosomes. She didn't get credit because she had two X’s. Updated by on July 7, 2016, 6:30 a.m. ET     
At the turn of the 20th century, biologist Nettie Stevens was driven to solve a scientific mystery that had perplexed humanity for millennia. The mystery was so simple but daunting: Why do boys become boys and girls become girls? In her pioneering work at Bryn Mawr College, Stevens discovered the sex chromosomes that make the difference.
Today would be her 155th birthday. Google is celebrating her accomplishments today — she’s featured in the Google Doodle — and so should we. Before Stevens, we were utterly clueless about how embryos become boys or girls Thanks to Stevens’s work — and the work that built upon it — we now know that sex is hereditary, and that dads’ sperm in particular determine the sex of offspring. But for most of human history, this question was an absolute mystery — and it yielded some interestingtheories.