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Hello, June!

Setting goals; making things happen! Being positive and thanking God for the gifts & blessings.Oh...and ⚾️ #RedSoxNation! ⚾️
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Just Because

This morning was *ungood; it was difficult. The afternoon was rewarding. 

Memorial Day, Origins

Memorial Day began w/formerly enslaved blacks honoring their dead, the Union Soldiets, that gave their lives in battle. (circa. May 1865) Charleston, South CarolinaIG: @sineca.tsai, Model Life, Maggie, Inc.

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This is 47.

My own Monday Motivation: #DoDopeShyt and keep your secrets sacred.Be. Dope. And. Do. Dope. Shyt*.

*Writer’s license.

I’m Tired but It’s Well Hidden

I’m not number one to anyone, anymore but my own self and I’m fairly certain that I never was number one and that’s ok. It’s ok because this means I don’t have any responsibility to anyone, which is strange, but no one has any responsibility toward me either. This is not new to me, even though in my heart of hearts I would like to believe that at one point I was number one to someone.I was not. And I have minimal regrets on that one.Now, I could go into detail but I’m not in the going-into-detail mood. But if I don’t speak this out it could fester. When I allow that kind of pain, it doesn’t end well for me and I know my heart; I one else cares to, and those aren’t words to either revel in or begin a pity party for, it simply is.The truth is that I prefer this right now to the alternative, which is disingenuous. On the first day of law school I was informed that the life of a legal eagle was a soloist trek unless the life we lived had more meat than fat. The fat will be trimm…

Recurring Themes

I’ve never lived alone.So, I’ve never truly been lonely.But, I’ve always been within a troupe.I’ve always had a HIM and;I’ve always had a best-friend.Always. Someone that knows me, one that does not judge.And now I have neither.I haven’t been this single since I was 12.And stillI’m not alone...,Having no bestfriend and having no HIM,Is, at the most inopportune moments - #LonelyAsFAnd, I am learning to move solo.It’s better than the alternative I chose.And I choose to remember.Everything I lost was worth the nothing I have,It was worth it.This. Too. Shall. Pass.         Recurring. Themes.


This beauty had a beautiful baby boy on December 12, 1988. It was one of the very best days of my entire life. 
The trajectory of my life was shifted when I made this choice. I made decisions that were to benefit his life and in turn, mine. Because he WAS mine. My very own little boy, I had hoped he would replace the sinkhole that was left by his uncle, Marco, my first little angel....this beautiful Angel would be the salve to the pain and that pain became more and more numb. And he still is.My life hadn’t been the easiest to live before he was born; he gave me purpose. And he was a purposeful decision. Were people angry with me? Well, of course. But those people did not live in my head and my heart, they didn’t see my vision. They were unaware that his life was more important than mine. Those people had no idea I was on edge and not sure if I was going to make it across the divide. They saw things from their own my decisions effected them; not how my decisions effected me.…