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Because Hello

It wasn't the goodbyeIt was never knowingAnother hello.

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My 47th Birthday Vacation!

Fun in the sun!Ehhhh, what's up doc 🥕🥕🥕. #JessicaRabbit was in the building!Before the sun fell in love with my skin!Shows the 4.5 inches chopped off!After the sun realized I needed some baking! Most glorious sun-kissed I've ever been!Ha!This little guy was in my #SnapSnap but I didn't notice until I took the photo. He asked me to keep it. Lolol. The water was so beautiful I didn't want to leave! -- Aruba--Arrrrriba! 4X4 North Coast Safari Mountainous Jeep Terrain debacle. It was like a rollercoaster ride in an army Hummer!Son of a Bridge -- Aruba. Naturally formed bridge that survived a 2005 natural disaster; the larger bridge (the 'mom') was destroyed. Curaçao Distillery after swimming in the ocean. Ok, I can't swim but I was floating and pretending to swim, lol. I could've stayed in that water for days. Even though I know Jaws was just waiting for me!My tan!All tuckered out. Last day of vacation. Off to grind for the Mass Bar!

Herstory: Asha 

My emotional wordsSeem to belieOur beautiful momentsAnd that's my faultIt's not how I was raisedIt's not what I was taught.HurtPlants a seedThat flowers an angry thoughtI know what I saidI know what you heardI didn't mean To blow off that steamI should have just sat downWithout a worry And been a big girlAnd told you my storyThe good, the badThe uglyAnd for thatIAmSoSorry.

Happy Birthday, Virgo!

The Sun Always Rises, Again

She wasn't always heartless
But then
One day; it just, stopped working
It continued to beat, the four chambers
It cracked
The movement staccato


It hurt.

Like hell.

The damage never repaired.


Muscle grew over scar.
Tough but tissue soft
Underneath it all.


The air was caught
Beneath her breast
She breathed

Lungs filled with the strength of a thousand loves

Emotions staggered within tracts
Ever to be found

And so she played her poker face
Long before some chick made it a song.

*tract - a major passage in the body, large bundle of nerve fibers, or other continuous elongated anatomical structure or region.

Hypocrisy At Its Most Ridiculous Point (WP Article)

The Fix The right is mad over Kathy Griffin’s gruesome Trump video. The left asks: Remember Ted Nugent?

Shea Moisture is The Way To Go!