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It takes a major occurrence to bruise the soul of me. It is not made of stone but the opposite. My soul, the love I possess therein is, however, of painite; more rare than weaker ppl dream or dare. #GiftAndACurse if you lose it, it is your fault. Not mine. (Please God, take this cold to the third power away from me...!)
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Do Better


Happy New Year!

Here’s to another year of making your dreams come true!

Jaded but not blue

I’m tiredTired of having empty dreamsTired of giving my all and not being seen...just for them to forget what I mean to themOr meant Upon a time.Tired of loving people to their health & their happy placeTired of putting on a façade & a happy face...for their pleasure and not mine.Tired of ignoring the painTired of listening to their holier than thou In vainTired of being the face of the right thing to doTired of being morally astute in my view of youTired of your incongruent brand new...even though I know all too well the YOU of youDeeply. Wholly. Specifically. Covertly.I see you. I saw you.And I still loved you.And I still do.Tired of those who don’t truly know meI’m letting sleeping dogs lie at lastBecause I’ve become tired of swatting the fleas as they passTired of inconsistenciesTired of being judged Tired of the solace and the silenceTired of the space and ambivalence Tired of believing in the fairytalesTired of crying for hours on end Holding tight to pain-filled wails B…

Because Me.

When trouble strikes, head to the library. You will either be able to solve the problem, or simply have something to read as the world crashes down around you.- - Lemony Snicket


What is your intention for the day?For tomorrow...for your Life?I write to express; I write to learn.The more you teach; the more you understand what it is you need to learn. This moves you infinitely closer to your purpose.Know your goal.Write it down. Work on it everyday. Achieve it...piece by piece. (And don’t stop! #MessageToSelf)Check off that step, move “On to the next one.” - - Jay Z...And know your worth. Always. - - Aisis

The (Ayes Ha)ve It.

Beauty is in the Ai of the beholderBehold.It's not the hair on my head,It's not the clothes I wear.It's not the gloss I donNot the eyeliner/mascara pair.It is the Love that I give It's the Life that I dare.And it's not of my doingI'm like a gemAnd I am rare.--And. Then. There's. You.
There's so much you doSo much you lay bareI would give you my lifeMy soul to share.iAm She; the Little OneLove me here or love me there  Here on earth or anywhere.But.Always love.**Laissez-faire.4:18 a.m. 

Bro, do you even intellect 💡, the ayes have it? My name is all in there 📰 #InPlainSite. I'm definitely a "*G".*G is for genius, et al.**Laissez-faire - A French phrase meaning let it be (can also be used in a politically systematic context)