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Because Me.

When trouble strikes, head to the library. You will either be able to solve the problem, or simply have something to read as the world crashes down around you.- - Lemony Snicket
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What is your intention for the day?For tomorrow...for your Life?I write to express; I write to learn.The more you teach; the more you understand what it is you need to learn. This moves you infinitely closer to your purpose.Know your goal.Write it down. Work on it everyday. Achieve it...piece by piece. (And don’t stop! #MessageToSelf)Check off that step, move “On to the next one.” - - Jay Z...And know your worth. Always. - - Aisis

The (Ayes Ha)ve It.

Beauty is in the Ai of the beholderBehold.It's not the hair on my head,It's not the clothes I wear.It's not the gloss I donNot the eyeliner/mascara pair.It is the Love that I give It's the Life that I dare.And it's not of my doingI'm like a gemAnd I am rare.--And. Then. There's. You.
There's so much you doSo much you lay bareI would give you my lifeMy soul to share.iAm She; the Little OneLove me here or love me there  Here on earth or anywhere.But.Always love.**Laissez-faire.4:18 a.m. 

Bro, do you even intellect 💡, the ayes have it? My name is all in there 📰 #InPlainSite. I'm definitely a "*G".*G is for genius, et al.**Laissez-faire - A French phrase meaning let it be (can also be used in a politically systematic context)

The Ai of the Storm

It was axed; and that tree did fall.It was moved by the wind; and that body of water did wave.It was plucked; and that Calla Lily did eventually die.It was hidden; and that soul did wither.It was in the sun; and that picture did yellow.It was unsanded: and that wood did splinter.It was untreated; and that mahogany no longer shone. It was cut; and that body did bleed.
Profusely Until there was nothing left.
And then...
Something new and beautiful grew.Life.Anew.


I've always been VampiricUp all night, sleep all day, living life a bit hazy He thought of me weird and wondered howLife made me so crazy.He never understood I was fighting for LoveMy thoughts focused and clear 
He being one of The Lost Boys
Me wanting to be bitten.
Having no fear.
Blindly unaware
Of the
He encompassed.Harsh injustice.C'est la vie, #SillyRabbitLife moves on. 💋Bloodless


I am deeply aware there are people that take my kindness, and my silliness, my right-right nowness; my:Bluntness;Happiness;Hippiness;Quietness;Stresslessness;Descriptiveness;Stubbornness;Giddiness;Wondrousness;Child-like Hopefulness;Forgiveness;Aloofness;Rise above it allness;Breathlessness;Unostentatiousness;Overscrupulousness;Agelessness;No-ness;
All of my 'nesses for "Emptiness"...Don't judge me for your lack of earth-connected-ness.
Although I am free flowing like the air I breathe; I am also solid as sediment. 
And.All I do is rock, rock, rock.
Don't fall prey to my sweet lullaby of living.
I don't relish the light; I am not shady.
I know how to use that light; and I see your shade.
And I remember.
I see you. I see you. I see you.* (To be clear, this is not to the You of the plural you, as in every reader. This is to the Hers of the you. The She's of which are either well aware or not so sure. Be sure. My child-like abandon didn't get this far being empt…

Migraines. I Just.

Where do I even begin...?

Migraines are the devil. Like, lit'raly. It's comparison to being attacked by the demon himself, is nearly 🎯 spot-on. I say nearly because migraines are all encompassing and unrelenting. The devil, on the other hand, can be defeated with the Word. Amen?Anyway, back to this migraine; my one coup de grâce (ok, ok, ok...I'm being sort of dramatic 🙄, but I'm in pain and you're already here 😬 so let's just make the best of this dire turn of events 🤕. ^note to self: figure out how to 🎻 play 🎻 background music when alerting the universe that good vibes are not only warranted but desperately needed and will be quickly absorbed).

Migraine sufferers do so in silence. Not because we are the valiant, selfless friend or family member but because The pain is inexplicable and if a person (lay person, professional person, medical personnel included), does not suffer from migraines or have not cared for someone who s…